By Bonnie Gail Carter

Softly, calmly hurting me

teaching unknown feelings,

bringing out the person I used to be

before fear imprisoned me.

Freeing me for only a short time

then dissolving trust in love

with the mention of another.

I found myself running to something familiar for security

to erase what our time had taught me.

Only what was once familiar seemed strange

because I had changed.



By Bonnie Gail Carter

I lit a candle tonight then I lit another bright.

The flame is strong like my love for you.

The wick is the foundation of my heart.

The melted wax surrounds it like feeling your arms around me.

As the flame burns you take my breath away.

The well of wax sinks deeper like my love for you.

As the candle changes shape so does our relationship.

Over the years we’ve developed a lasting friendship.

The flame never goes out.


Place your hate in the pantry on the shelf.

Label it “memories of years gone by” and store it.

Remove the wine saved by time.

Dust the bottle until it looks new.

The color is brighter and the taste was worth the wait.

The bitter was replaced with a taste to savor.

On the shelf you will find the love stored all this time.

Label the empty space “filled with happiness.”

Close the door.

The chill turned warm.

By Bonnie Gail Carter