Secret Get Away

Now it looks like a cold lonely place.

Oh how I long to see your face.

Come near to me my dear.

I don’t ever want to instill any fear.

Holding your hand is something I miss.

I distinctly remember our long good night kiss.

This bench was our secret get away.

The tranquility was one reason to stay.

Our emotions for each other couldn’t be measured.

The memories are most definitely treasured.

The blanket of snow may melt

but nothing can take away what we felt.

Deep spiritual love is graced upon so few.

Why does everything remind me of you?

Art provided by Ghazi Riman


Dancing Tulips

The tulips are dancing in the cool summer breeze.

Would you hold me and dance with me please.

The photographs of us are like a slideshow on the screen.

We dance in my mind like we were teens.

We have matured just like the tulips have bloomed.

Our like minded thoughts are perfectly in tune.

Our eyes meet and they dance with laughter

as we remember all of the love that remains after.

We get older as each tulip petal falls to the ground.

It doesn’t even make a sound.

We are like the tulips in the fall of their life.

I am so gracious to be called your wife.

As the last petal falls to the ground

I’ll say I love you and I’m so glad you’ve been around.

Art provided by Ghazi Riman

Baby Swing Those Hips

She’s walking down the street.

I would kiss her feet.

Look my way

cause I’d beg you to stay.

Oh darlin give me a chance.

Our love making would be enhanced.

Let me run my fingers through your hair.

I would do it cause I care.

Baby swing those hips.

I want to kiss those luscious lips.

Please don’t break my heart

cause I’d fall apart.

What color of roses do you like

cause I’ll send then tonight.

I’ll always remember your name.

It’s forever burned in my brain.

You might think this poem is lame

or that I am compeletely insane

But I had to tell you how I felt

cause it’s the card I was dealt.

Oh how you make my heart melt.

Photo provided by Ghazi Riman

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